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"Your invention is brilliant! I am honored that you asked me to test it out, and excited about its possibilities."

-- Abby Peck, Women's Fours, '84 & '88 Olympia

"That's exactly what I do on the water -- lean to port on the catch and overcompensate to starboard at the finish, which makes the boat travel in an 'S'."

-- Deborah Dryer, Silver Medallist, 2001 FISA Junior World Rowing Championships, after 10 minutes of rowing on WILIS.

"OK, it's been foggy and our masters men and women have been rowing/erging on the WILIS periodically for a week. Wowzer, what an invention! We have found that both experienced and more novice rowers, both sweep and sculling, benefit tremendously from this creative contraption. A coach can use all the words they want to emphasize the importance of constant connection of feet weight to foot stretchers, but balancing on the WILIS while erging brings it home. "We've all been astonished. We've found a missing magic link - 'It's the feet!' to which one coach responded 'Like I never told you that before?'. Sure he did and frequently, but we never really got it and understood the reason for it the way one comprehends with WILIS. "I highly recommend you try one out, this product is a keeper. I'm no longer a nay-sayers," -- Margie Orrick, masters rower, Thompson Boat Center

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