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On Transitioning between Land Training and Water Training

“The dynamic systems theory suggests that rowing on the ergometer and rowing on the water are two different skills. One of the main distinctions between the two is the balance that is necessary for handling a rowing shell on the water.”

Nolte, Volker and Siobhan McLaughlin, “The Balance of Crew Rowing Boats“ Malaysian Journal of Sports Science and Recreation, submitted July 2004

“Rowing ergometers should be considered valuable tools in testing, but they should be used with care when developing endurance during the preparation period because they may seriously affect the technique of on-water rowing.”

Maestu J, Jurimae J, Jurimae T, “Monitoring of Performance and Training in Rowing” Sports Med 2005 35(7): 599

“There is always the potential for injury when switching abruptly from land-based winter training to water training, and vice-versa. If the rower is accustomed to two rowing practices a day and switches immediately to two ergometer sessions daily, injury risk is greatly increased.”

Rumball J, Lebrun C, Di Ciacca S, Orlando, K, “Rowing Injuries” Sports Med 2005 35(6): 553

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