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WILIS' patented design incorporates a combination of features including:

Choices based on actual hull size for how much instability the exerciser wishes to accommodate during dry land training and direct, exteroceptive feedback for the direction and degree of roll experienced during the rowing motion in order to facilitate learning to correct that roll.

The relative positioning of the rowing ergometer to the mount pivots may be set to a variety of predetermined positions. Positioning the rowing machine at a higher or lower indexed setting functionally equates to moving the center of gravity (of the exerciser and erg) to locations above or below

Front View of WILIS Full View of WILLISBack View of WILIS

the longitudinal roll axis of the device (the simulated metacenter of a rowing shell). These positions for increased or decreased stability lie within and beyond the range found in typical rowing shells in order to facilitate a graduated increase or decrease in the challenge of balance in concert with the application of muscular power/strength.

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