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Hello rowers and erg sprinters! Row Balance, Inc. is the home of WILIS the Watercraft-Inspired Lateral Instability Simulator.

WILIS is an innovation inspired by a collegiate rower who was frustrated with learning (and relearning) to balance each spring after a winter of dry land training on her erg. What we've developed will attach quickly and easily to your erg and give the same sensation of side-to-side instability as being on the water. Now you have the opportunity to develop and tune your balance skills while you work out on your erg!

Best of all, WILIS is designed to match your balance skills right from the start. It can be adjusted gradually over the course of your training regimen as your skills improve, from the lowest, most stable simulation all the way to a level of instability that matches your eight, your quad, your double or even your sculling singles.

Develop the balance and core strength you need before you get in a shell!

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